A few Methods to Be a Very good College student

A college education, highschool perhaps even grade school can prove very difficult to many students. The odds are that you will not like most within the matters which you will go through and you may sleep during classes. Next to the aggravations along with having to learn a field which you dislike, it’s possible you’ll experience the urge to stop and therefore procrastinate. The good thing is, school assignment simply writing services for example cheap essay writing service have actually been invented. They will help you with cut price essay producing each time you need it the most.

Though were you aware that you may find tips to change into a brilliant university student no matter if you generally are not succeding at each and every field? All it takes is just a bit of dedication, persistence and purpose. The following are Three main ways to become a beneficial high school student.

1. Be prearranged

For being well organized, you’ll need to make any fundamental measures before you go to university. Be sure to take everything with you: markers, pencils, ringbinders, writing instruments, laptops, pieces of paper. As a result, you might never fall behind other high school students just by wasting time acquiring them on the spot.

When it comes to school subjects, don’t just work with a single one notebook for each of them. Take one specific journal for each one. If you’re not a big lover of notebooks, go with ringbinders, but get them organized as required: fit your literature files within your literature folder, your biology files within your biology folders etc etc ..

2. Happen to be as mindful at college as possible

You won’t be able to accomplish this every time. Everyone is human beings, obviously, not robots. Yet it is wise to try to be mindful as you can and just take remarks of the things you regard as vitally important in lesson. Nevertheless be sure not to focus on the topic matter itself, but at the professor’s feedback about the subject.

Secondly, stay away from any existing potential distractions in class. Try not to distract others from your study course and simply tend not to allow yourself to disturbed. In case they do that, do not be a jerk regarding this. Everyone can see the value of classes, so just simply say to them clearly the fact that you wish to pay attention to the course so that you likely will communicate right after lesson.

When you finally return home from lessons, check your paperwork. Redo them, if that would help. The aim of your notes made within the course will be to overview the information and allow you have an understanding of it generally.

3. Research study whenever you can, but productively

Such entry should have a report of its own, yet it literally counts on this: research whenever you can, but constructively. Examine your remarks A couple of hours shortly after coming back from lessons, no more, no less. There isn’t any need to research for Nine hours on a regular basis if you’re not in the center of an examination session. Furthermore, after you go along with this excellent pattern, you will not even need to do that, since you will have learned information in a helpful and nicely balanced technique, no longer by blitzing so many studying information a few days before your important assessment.

Perhaps you have realized, transforming into a superb college student takes a quantity of aspects: inspiration, persistence, and a touch of desire. Go along with this small manual throughout your university or college period, and you’ll become a superior graduating student.

AL-KO Launches Updated Mechanical Disc Brake Calipers

AL-KO has released a new and improved design of the mechanical caliper to make it even more effective and easy to use.

AL-KO High Quality Mechanical Calipers Designed to suit the toughest marine environments

Brakes on boat trailers have to work in the toughest environment – regularly dunked in the corrosive sea water. Specifically designed for boat trailers, the AL-KO Mechanical Brake Caliper is hot dip galvanised with stainless steel slide bushes and adjusting bolts, so it’s corrosion resistant and practically maintenance free.
What’s more, AL-KO Mechanical Disc Brakes are a lot more affordable than conventional hydraulic brakes.

Product Improvements include:

  • Updated design to enable caliper pads to be changed more quickly and easily
  • Updated pad design
  • Improved anti-rattle system
  • Improved surface finish

The new forward pull version (Item 323300) is now being supplied to replace the previous forward pull mechanical caliper (Item 323100). In addition to the updated caliper design, an updated pad (item 323315) is also being supplied. It is important to note that the new pad is only suitable for fitment to the updated caliper design.

DexKo Global Expands Its Australian Operations


DexKo Global Inc., global leader in highly engineered trailer running gear and chassis assemblies and related components, is expanding its Australian operations, announcing it has signed an agreement to acquire Melbourne Trailer and Caravan Supplies (MTCS).

MTCS is an Australian family-owned business and supplier of caravan and trailer axles, leaf springs and other trailer components, serving multiple market segments across Australia since 1968. It has also been the Australian distributor for the Dexter Axle product range for over 30 years.

Fred Bentley, CEO at DexKo Global said: “We are excited to welcome the MTCS team to the DexKo organisation. We now have a combined voice for both our Dexter and AL-KO products in Australia. This is our third acquisition on three continents in the last quarter. We are leveraging our global platform to grow our business by targeting highly engineered products and geographical growth. We truly believe together is better for all of our constituents and this is our next step toward obtaining our DexKo 2020 vision”.

The transaction has the strong endorsement of the Henry family as the owners of MTCS including founder Tom Henry, Managing Director Denis Henry and General Manager Craig Henry.

“The team at MTCS is very excited by the opportunities presented to us through our new partnership with AL-KO.” said Managing Director Denis Henry. “With the resources that AL-KO has available in Australia and also globally via DexKo Global Inc., as well as the expertise that MTCS has regarding the Dexter product range, this partnership is a great outcome for the future for all stakeholders associated with our business.”

Harald Hiller, global President and CEO of AL-KO VT emphasised the benefits for customers “We continue to add strong brands to our global portfolio and offer more quality products to our customers. This integration will further strengthen our core business, which will allow us to service our customers with an even broader range.”

“I am excited by the opportunity to integrate the MTCS business into the DexKo organisation” said AL-KO’s Australian Managing Director Peter Mannfolk. “together is better and I look forward to giving our customers a full suite of the world’s market leading products, creating a unique ‘one stop shop’, including the leading AL-KO and Dexter brands”.

DexKo Global, Inc

AL-KO Vehicle Technology and Dexter Axle have merged to become DexKo Global Inc. (USA). This combination is the world’s largest manufacturer of trailer axles and chassis components in the light segment. DexKo Global Inc. has a turnover of over US$ 1 billion.

Download this press release in PDF format

AL-KO Now Distributing Hayman Reese Compact IQ Remote Mount Electric Brake Controller

The Compact IQTM has been designed be both easier & less intrusive to install as well as providing the driver with greater control in braking situations.

The dial and LED indicator can be mounted directly into a spare switch panel rather than through the main dashboard or centre console. The brake controller unit can be stored out of sight behind the vehicle’s dashboard – with only the control dials showing on the dash.

The Output Control Dial has two functions.

  1. It lets you set the minimum braking force of the trailer (otherwise known as the ‘Boost’ – a unique feature to the Compact IQ™ as a remote mounted brake control unit) and;
  2. Provides an over-ride function for additional braking power on the trailer when required. The over-ride force can be set by the user and is activated by pressing and holding the Output Control Dial.

The LED indicator shows the various states of the braking system through the use of different colours. It also confirms successful installation. Green indicates the system is connected and operating correctly. Red indicates that the system is active and applying the trailer’s brakes. A flashing red light means there is a connection fault.

The “Boost” feature gives users the ability to apply more or less braking power when necessary.
By adjusting the Boost on the Output Control Dial, users can choose the minimum amount of braking force to apply when the brake pedal is first pressed.

The Hayman Reese Compact IQ™ has been tested by AL-KO engineers and has been deemed compatible with AL-KO ESC.

AL-KO Demonstrates Its Revolutionary ESC Technology On Sandown Raceway At Melbourne Leisurefest 2016


It’s been another successful year for AL-KO as the Sandown Raceway front straight was seized yet again at Melbourne Leisurefest for the third year running. The AL-KO ESC Swerve and Recovery Test was a clear favourite amongst show goers with over 250 caravanners successful in securing a drive session from a record number of pre-registered applicants. Participants were given the rare opportunity to sit in with a qualified race driver and experience an ESC activation, demonstrating the significant safety benefits of having AL-KO Electronic Stability Control (ESC) fitted to your caravan.


img_5419 Beck Connell – Official AL-KO ESC Swerve and Recovery Test driver 2016

Driving this year for AL-KO was Beck Connell. A competitive racer for over a decade, Connell currently competes in the NSW Karting State Championship and the Australian Kart Championship Series and is the Women of Australian Motor Sport (WAMS 2016) Junior Development Scholarship recipient. Following the four days of demonstrations she has become a strong advocate of the product. “For anyone who has a caravan and wants maximum stability, I highly recommend the AL-KO ESC system” said Connell.

img_5425 Jayco ESC Caravan and Holden Commodore used at the show

Punters were also given the chance to win a fully installed AL-KO ESC system, the winner will be announced on Wednesday the 12th of October. The AL-KO Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is a world first breakthrough in caravan towing safety, designed primarily to give you the best possible response in an emergency avoidance manoeuvre such as having to swerve suddenly to avoid a car or animal on the road ahead. AL-KO ESC brakes all wheels on a caravan simultaneously as soon as a dangerous sideways movement is detected, wiping off speed and stopping distance in the shortest possible time to maintain the line and stability of the car and caravan for maximum control.
AL-KO ESC is now available for fitment to new caravans and also to older caravans, by one of over 300 AL-KO ESC Certified Installers around the country. As an added benefit, CIL Insurance – Australia’s leading specialist caravan & RV insurer, now offer a 10% discount off the CIL Secure Caravan Insurance Policy* if you have an AL-KO ESC system fitted to your caravan.

Visit www.alkoesc.com.au for more information or to book a fitment.



*AAI Limited trading as CIL Insurance issues the product. Please read the PDS available at www.cilinsurance.com.au before buying and consider whether it is right for you. 10% discount off the Comprehensive component of your CIL Secure Caravan Insurance Policy. Minimum premiums may apply and any discount we give you will not reduce your premium below the minimum premium. Discounts are usually applied as the final step in the premium calculation before the application of government taxes and charges. The amount and type of discounts offered can change or be withdrawn.
If you are eligible for more than one discount, we apply any subsequent discount to the already discounted rated premium (usually before adding taxes and charges). Discounts are subject to change without notice.

AL-KO Wins Big at the CTIAV Hall Of Fame Industry Awards

Australia’s market leader in trailer, caravan and motorhome technology, AL-KO International Pty Ltd, has been named as the Caravan Industry Association of Victoria (CTIAV) Manufacturer of the Year.

The announcement was made at the prestigious CTIAV Hall of Fame Industry Awards on 8th July at Crown Palladium, with AL-KO jointly named as manufacturer of the year along with caravan manufacturer New Age Caravans. AL-KO is the first component manufacturer to receive the Award for Manufacturer of the Year, making the company’s success all the more significant.

With nominations assessed by three independent judges, the award recognises manufacturers for their outstanding business performance throughout the past 12 months, and takes into account a wide range of criteria including manufacturing innovation, business growth achievements, workplace health & safety initiatives and environmental & community support.

Reflecting on winning the award, AL-KO Managing Director Peter Mannfolk said; “we are honoured by this recognition of AL-KO’s role as a supplier of world class components, and also as a trusted partner to the industry in developing world leading technology”.

The past 12 months have been particularly successful for AL-KO in Australia and New Zealand. In addition to recent product developments such as AL-KO Electronic Stability Control (ESC), in late 2015 AL-KO invested in additional state of the art robotics technology to facilitate the launch of the new AL-KO Enduro Independent Trailing Arm Suspension and ensure quality and consistency in manufacture.

Winning the CTIAV Manufacturer of the Year award confirms AL-KO’s position as Australia’s leading manufacturer of components for trailer, caravan and motorhome applications. The award comes not long after AL-KO’s induction into the elite Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame in 2013, an initiative of the Victorian Government that recognises sustained contribution to manufacturing excellence in Victoria.

Reflecting on what the Award means for AL-KO, Mr Mannfolk stated ‘this award proves that there has never been a more exciting time to be part of the AL-KO team. We are looking forward to continuing to work with the industry to drive excellence in manufacturing and product innovation right here in Australia’.

Completing a highly successful night for AL-KO, Company Director Sven Mannfolk was also recognised for his significant contribution to the industry in taking out the Charlie Tebb Service to Industry Award for 2016.

As Managing Director of AL-KO International Pty Ltd from 1989 until this year, Mr Mannfolk has overseen a period of rapid ongoing growth of the company in Australia and New Zealand driven by product range expansion, innovation and a commitment to quality.

AL-KO supports Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

The Cancer Council’s Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is an opportunity for friends, family or workmates to come together to help those affected by cancer.
To contribute, the AL-KO Australia Social Committee invited all staff to attend a morning tea. The team gathered food and donations from various local restaurants, cafés and bakeries.

A special thanks to the following sponsors for their kind donations;

    • Let’s Indulge Café for donating donuts, vanilla slices and an assortment of cakes
    • John’s Bakery for donating donuts and carrot cake
    • Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses for donating an array of cakes
    • Euro Café & Bakehouse for donating scones
    • Shanikas Restaurant for donating the generous $50.00 voucher used in the raffle
    • Beletti Restaurant Café Bar for the generous $30.00 voucher used in the raffle

As a result of the morning tea, the team achieved a great result raising $145.00 in the raffle and $186.25 in donations totalling $331.25.

AL-KO releases Enduro™ Cross Country Independent Trailing Arm Suspension

AL-KO, the world leaders in caravan chassis & component technology, has announced the release of AL-KO Enduro™ Cross Country – the latest addition to the AL-KO range of independent trailing arm suspension for Australian caravans.

Following AL-KO’s successful entry into the trailing arm suspension market in September 2015 with the release of an extreme off-road trailing arm suspension, the latest product to be known as “Enduro Cross Country” is a light weight version designed for comfort, control and durability on bitumen and graded dirt roads. It is also suitable for use on corrugated roads for short distances.

“Since releasing our Enduro Suspension for extreme off-road conditions, we have had a fantastic response from both caravan owners and manufacturers who had been waiting for a high quality solution from AL-KO” said Sven Mannfolk – AL-KO Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand. “However, we have also had many calls from the market for a lighter weight option suitable for bitumen and graded dirt road conditions to complete the offering.”

A key feature of the Enduro product range is the integration of premium AL-KO shock absorbers – designed and engineered in Australia and made by AL-KO in Spain. Test results show little to no bush deformation or wear, significantly less dampening degeneration, superior heat dissipation and a failure point 40 degrees higher than that of competitor products tested. Other features include Australian made 4×4 coil springs, maintenance free bushes and integrated tow and camber adjustment. It also features premium AL-KO Off-Road brakes as standard.

Extending the AL-KO philosophy of ‘Quality for Life’ to Enduro Cross County, the AL-KO engineering team conducted an exhaustive testing program at the Anglesea Automotive Research Centre prior to release. Each component of Enduro Cross Country was pushed to the limit before being accepted. The system was also tested to integrate seamlessly with modern caravan features such as AL-KO Electronic Stability Control (ESC), another AL-KO world breakthrough.

Australian designed, manufactured & tested, the product will be available for both single vans up to 2400kg ATM, and tandem vans up to 3,500kg ATM.

AL-KO Enduro Cross Country will be officially launched at the 2016 Victorian Caravan, Camping & Touring Show 24th-29th February, where it will be exhibited on a number of caravans from leading manufacturers.
The AL-KO Enduro range is now available either as standard or as an optional fitment to new caravans.
For more information about AL-KO Enduro visit www.alkoenduro.com.au.

Successful Start Of DexKo With The Combination Of AL-KO And Dexter

The strategic partnership of AL-KO Vehicle Technology (VT) and Dexter has successfully completed as planned on January 1st, 2016. The combined business will be known as DexKo Global Inc. The combined business will be known as DexKo Global Inc. The AL-KO KOBER SE introduced the business division of AL-KO Vehicle technology in the DexKo Global Inc. and is reinvesting in the company. The majority owners of DexKo Global Inc. will be funds managed by The Sterling Group, Dexter’s current main owner. The combined company will include AL-KO KOBER SE as a significant shareholder.

Fred Bentley, former CEO of Maxion Wheels, has been appointed President and CEO of DexKo Global Inc. Adam Dexter will continue to perform his tasks as President and CEO of Dexter in the U.S. Harald Hiller will continue in his role of President of AL-KO VT. Kevin Garland, a Partner at The Sterling Group, will continue as Chairman of the Board. Stefan Kober, CEO of AL-KO KOBER SE, will assume the role of Vice Chairman of the Board.

Dexter is a leading manufacturer of trailer axles, brakes and related components in North America serving the utility trailer, recreational vehicle, heavy duty, manufactured housing, agricultural, marine, and specialty trailer markets. Dexter is headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana and has seven manufacturing facilities in the U.S.

AL-KO VT, headquartered in Kötz (Germany), is the leading European developer and manufacturer of axles and chassis for trailers, leisure vehicles and light commercial vehicles. The company operates from about 40 locations around the world, including Europe, Australia, South Africa, China and South America.

“I am excited by the opportunity to lead and bring together two world class organizations,” stated Fred Bentley, President and CEO of DexKo Global Inc. “We will focus on continuing to lead with great technology and customer service and to expand our market leadership positions. These are highly exciting and fascinating times for the new, worldwide operating company. We will jointly apply our relevant strengths to the benefit of our customers, employees, suppliers and stakeholders.”

“AL-KO prides itself on providing unparalleled quality, innovation and the highest levels of customer service,” said Harald Hiller, President of AL-KO VT.“ The strategic partnership of AL-KO VT and Dexter and the formation of DexKo Global Inc. will enhance AL-KO’s resources and ability to introduce new technologies and products to better serve our loyal customer base.”

The combination of Dexter and AL-KO VT will result in the world’s biggest manufacturer of trailer axles and chassis components with sales of nearly $1 billion. The Dexter and AL-KO VT brands will continue as market leaders in their respective geographies. The two companies will be able to leverage shared resources and technology, as well as the advantages of a global footprint and significantly expanded scale.

AL-KO Fundraising Support For Local People With Disabilities

In recognition of the valuable service that Gateway Industries offers the local greater Dandenong area as a result of employment, training and support offered for people with disabilities, staff at AL-KO International raised money at their end of year function to help with fundraising efforts towards the purchase of safe vehicles to ferry Gateway’s work crews to sites in order to service their contracts and grow their business.

The money raised by staff was then matched by AL-KO as a business for a total amount of $920 which was presented to Gateway Industries at a presentation ceremony on Monday 7th December by AL-KO Managing Director Sven Mannfolk.

Gateway provides employment, training and support for adults in the City of Casey, Greater Dandenong and outer areas. The Centre caters to people between the ages of 16 – 65 years who have a disability.

The commitment at Gateway revolves around improving the self-esteem, respect, tolerance and values of all employees enabling recipients to fulfil a valuable role within the community. Both from home and at work, they value the quality of life approach and strive to achieve the best for all employees. Employees are paid wages which reduces their reliance on pensions and in turn helps reduce the government’s social welfare commitments.
Services provided by Gateway include processing and packaging, woodwork, litter pick-up and Garden/ maintenance.

For information on how you can support Gateway, through sponsorship, donations or bequests, or if you are interested in enquiring about services provided, please refer to the details below.


CEO – Alan Warwick
BH: 03 9793 9988
Mob: 0425 707 259

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