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Press Release – Caravan Industry Association Victoria endorses AL-KO ESC as a revolutionary product for the industry.

AL-KO – Melbourne, Australia July 15, 2014 – Rob Lucas – Chief Executive Officer of the Caravan Industry Association Victoria (CIA VIC) has put weight behind the significance of
AL-KO Electronic Stability Control (ESC) for the Australian caravan market, providing an endorsement of the product on behalf of the Caravan Industry Association of Victoria.

“We are not in the habit of endorsing products but we found that this product was so important to the safety of the consumer and the innovation of the industry that we were more than happy to get behind it and support it” said Mr Lucas

Since its launch in mid 2012, AL-KO ESC has revolutionised the caravan industry and towing safety in Australia, with the technology now fitted to over a third of new caravans, a number that is rapidly increasing as more and more consumers demand it with their new caravan purchase.

“Caravan manufacturers started with standard fitment on top of the range models and this is now flowing down to the remaining caravans in their product range” said AL-KO Managing Director Sven Mannfolk.

“With the awareness that has been built since the product was launched, we are starting to reach a tipping point where consumers are expecting AL-KO ESC as standard on their new caravan as a vital safety feature” said Mr Mannfolk.

This is a view reflected by Mr Lucas – “I think it’s going to be mandatory, consumers are going to demand it” he said. “This product is revolutionary and it provides such a safety mechanism for people who tow”

In addition to fitment for new caravans, AL-KO now has a network of over 160 Certified Installers around Australia that are fitting ESC to older caravans. With over 400,000 caravans on the road, there is a significant opportunity for road safety in Australia to be dramatically improved as a result of this technology.

“The industry has been waiting for something like this that actually provides an opportunity for the consumer to be more confident on the road” said Mr Lucas.
“This industry is very innovative, but having this product available has just added that extra layer of innovation” he said.

For further information about AL-KO ESC, visit: www.alkoesc.com.au

AL-Ko Launches New website to help you tow ‘without a hitch’

AL-KO – June 10, Melbourne, Australia The free website ‘Without A Hitch’ (www.withoutahitch.com.au) launched today, offering a comprehensive online resource to help you have a smooth towing trip.

The site is brought to you by AL-KO, the global market leader in caravan, motorhome and trailer components. It’s a place you can turn to for up-to-date information, practical advice, ‘how to’ guides and handy tips for your caravan, trailer and anything else worth towing.

“AL-KO fields questions every day related to towing. It’s our area of expertise, so we knew we could provide a valuable resource to help people such as caravanners and boat owners get the most out of their lifestyle and set off on the road more confidently,” said Brad Hooper, Marketing Services Manager at AL-KO International. “As the leading supplier of components to the towing industry, we’re in a unique position to help address a wide range of subject areas and help demystify towing. AL-KO wants to be known as a trusted partner,” he said.

For the initial launch, AL-KO has compiled more than 80 articles covering key towing questions, plus a more comprehensive towing eBook. At the site, visitors can subscribe for regular email newsletter updates, as well as sort and search content by their specific interests: from buying a caravan, to maintaining a boat trailer or towing safely.

“We really see this site as a hub for the caravan and marine communities. We’re working together with industry partners to help people on their journey,” Mr Hooper said. “Once the site is further established we’d like to see it become a social channel for people to communicate with others setting off on similar towing journeys. Both the site and our Facebook community will enable this interaction.”

www.withoutahitch.com.au will publish regular helpful information, including articles, videos, how-to guide books, and contributions from industry partners in specialist areas.
“Ultimately, Without A Hitch is a resource we want the whole industry and the caravanning and boating community to embrace as a useful tool. AL-KO is just taking the initiative to make this platform possible,” Mr Hooper said

With research showing more and more caravanners are becoming active online, including both ‘Grey Nomads’ and younger families, the site will provide an invaluable resource for those on the road or planning a trip. To this end, it’s optimised for viewing on tablets and mobile devices.

Visit www.withoutahitch.com.au and sign up to the free email newsletter to receive regular towing hints, tips and special offers.

Press Release – AL-KO launches significant new safety technology for large boat trailers.

Melbourne, Australia (8th May, 2014)AL-KO, the market leader in trailer, caravan & motor home components in Australia and New Zealand including axles, brakes and suspension products has announced the release of its new AL-KO iQ7 technology – a next generation braking system for trailers with hydraulic brakes especially applicable for large boat trailers.

AL-KO has identified a need to significantly improve towing safety in Australia, and with the release of the iQ7 has created the highest performing electronic air/hydraulic (Brake Actuation) system on the market, delivering unparalleled response times and advanced safety features.

“If you need to brake suddenly when towing a two tonne boat, stopping distance is of vital concern and just a few metres can be the difference between you losing control or negotiating the situation safely” said Rob Funder, Technical & Manufacturing Manager AL-KO International.

It is in this emergency braking situation that the AL-KO iQ7 is a potentially life-saving technology. In tests completed using a car and 2.2 tonne boat at 80 km/h, AL-KO iQ7 achieves a stopping distance of 18 metres, this compared to 35 metres without the assistance of iQ7*.

AL-KO has taken the difficult Australian towing conditions into account at every stage of building the product to achieve this significant improvement in braking performance.
“iQ7 is the only system of this type on the market that is specifically designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions” said Mr Funder

“It’s worth investing in the best technology available when you are talking about safety.”

AL-KO iQ7 achieves its superior stopping performance through the use of its patented design incorporating a compressed air pressure chamber that is ready to apply instant pressure to the brake system – unlike other products that need to wait for a pump starting up to supply pressure after the brakes are applied.

It also utilises the latest technology to achieve maximum reliability.
“We have completely re-built the brake actuator technology from the ground up including the latest in circuit board technology to ensure we have the most reliable product that exists today” said Mr Funder “Our testing has been so extensive that we have simulated over 10 years heavy use without the product experiencing any problems at all, and we are backing this up with a market leading 3 year warranty”

AL-KO iQ7 can be installed to existing as well as new trailers and all internal car mounted electronic components are “plug and play” for ease of installation.
The AL-KO iQ7 product range includes an entry level version that can be used with your existing brake controller to provide cost saving benefits, or an advanced ‘XTREME’ version, complete with specialised in-car kit that incorporates full self-diagnostic electronics including detection of lack of air pressure, air leakage, inadequate power feed, excessive duty cycle, or trailer disconnection, with audible and visual information provided to the driver.

The AL-KO iQ7 was launched this week at an industry event at Sandown Raceway, Melbourne. Production of the iQ7 range is planned to commence in mid-late June.

For further information, and to see a video of iQ7 in action, visit: www.alkoiQ7.com.au

Press Release – AL-KO Inducted in to the Victorian Manufacturing Hall Of Fame

AL-KO International has joined an elite group of Victorian manufacturers inducted into the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame.

An initiative of the Victorian Government, the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame recognises sustained contribution to manufacturing excellence in Victoria.

AL-KO Australia’s Managing Director, Sven Mannfolk, said he was delighted to see the company inducted.

“AL-KO has a long history of success and is committed to continuing its manufacturing operations in Australia –at a time when many others are scaling back their operations with the threat of cheaper imports, AL-KO has recently invested in a new multi-million dollar Recreational Vehicle Technology Centre, creating jobs and exports”

AL-KO Managing Director Sven Mannfolk (Left), with Hugh Moor, Director - Industry Development, Department of State Development, Business and Innovation (centre) and Belinda Stening, Publisher and Managing Editor of Media Sponsor Curve, Curve for iPad and curvelive.com. Image: Stewart Donn

AL-KO Managing Director Sven Mannfolk (Left), with Hugh Moor, Director - Industry Development, Department of State Development, Business and Innovation (centre) and Belinda Stening, Publisher and Managing Editor of Media Sponsor Curve, Curve for iPad and curvelive.com. Image: Stewart Donn

AL-KO was one of just 7 companies inducted into the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame this year. It joins a variety of other successful Victorian manufacturers including past winners such as Toyota, Kraft, Visy, Bluescope Steel, Masterfoods and Jayco Corporation.

The announcement was made at an awards ceremony in Melbourne on June 6, hosted by the Victorian Minister for Manufacturing, Exports and Trade, The Hon David Hodgett.

AL-KO Has a history spanning back to 1946, when Hornby Engineering commenced producing axles in South Melbourne, growing to become the market leader.

In 1988 the German AL-KO Kober Group acquired the company, which signaled the start of a new era – including the completion of a 10,000m2 Victorian facility in 2005. Following two decades of significant growth, in 2012 AL-KO further expanded its facilities at Dandenong South with the addition of the ISO 9001 accredited AL-KO Recreational Vehicle Technology Centre.

The AL-KO management team with the award at the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame Gala Dinner. Image: Stewart Donn

The AL-KO management team with the award at the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame Gala Dinner. Image: Stewart Donn

This purpose built facility has enabled AL-KO to evolve its capabilities to include high-tech electronics, resulting in the Australian development of AL-KO’s new Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Technology – considered to be the most significant breakthrough in safety ever released for Australian caravans.

The AL-KO ESC has a worldwide patent and strong export potential, particularly to the high volume U.S market.

AL-KO’s Recreational Vehicle Technology Centre is also home to local production of AL-KO motorhome chassis, the Sensabrake brake actuation system for large boat trailers, and will be the hub for development of future high-tech products for the Australian caravan & RV industry.

Press Release – Multi-million Dollar R&D and Manufacturing Facility Now Open at AL-KO Dandenong South Headquarters


Sven Mannfolk and Richard Dalla-Riva MLC cutting the red ribbon to the new R&D Center

Caravan and motor home components manufacturer AL-KO Pty Ltd has officially opened a multi-million dollar research and development and manufacturing facility at its Dandenong South headquarters.

The ESC and other AL-KO products Sensabrake & AMC (AL-KO motor home chassis) will be manufactured at the new Recreational Vehicle Technology Center, which will also play a key role in research and development of new products and systems….

Click to download full press release (79.0kb)

Press Release – Australian innovation (AL-KO ESC) leads to a major breakthrough in Caravan safety and stability

AL-KO Electronic Stability Control (ESC) - The future of towing safety & stability

AL-KO Electronic Stability Control (ESC) - The future of towing safety & stability

AL-KO, the world leaders in caravan axles, brakes and components manufacture has today announced the release of revolutionary new Electronic Stability Control (ESC) technology for electric braked caravans to the Australian market, to control instability that can cause dangerous and frightening driving scenarios when towing.

In a world first innovation, AL-KO ESC automatically responds to the driving behaviour of the caravan by monitoring for any dangerous sideways movements and taking preventative action immediately – applying the caravan’s electric brakes to maintain stability of both the car and caravan to ensure early intervention for a safe recovery…

Click to download full press release (166.0kb)

AL-KO Introduces Two New Products To Its Garden Range

HT440 Electric Hedge Trimmer

HT440 Electric Hedge Trimmer

Introducing two latest additions to the AL-KO garden range, the HT440 and HT700 Electric Hedge trimmers.

HT700 Electric Hedge Trimmer

HT700 Electric Hedge Trimmer

Weighing in at just 3.2kilograms, the ultra-light HT440 Electric Hedge Trimmer is your number one choice for the maintenance of smaller hedges. Read More…

The powerful HT700 electric Hedge Trimmer is designed to make light work of large woody hedges thanks to its long 650mm blade, 700 watts of power and large 24mm maximum branch diameter. Read More…

AL-KO Launches in to E-commerce

ALKO Garden

AL-KO Garden Online Store

AL-KO is pleased to announce that it has just launched its very own online garden store.

AL-KO believes launching an online store will make its full range of garden care products and spare parts much more accessible to those that live in rural and remote areas all over Australia.

The full range of AL-KO Garden products and Spare Parts can be viewed and purchased at www.alkogarden.com.au.


AL-KO is in the process of gaining permits for an exciting new facility – the AL-KO RVTC – or Recreational Vehicle Technology Centre. This new project will allow AL-KO to increase production of the standard products as well as offer a new divisional range in 2012. At a cost of approx running in the millions of dollar, this new facility will ensure manufacturing of the AL-KO RV products will stay put in Australia, and allows the highest quality product, R&D and Quality Assessment to remain a focus for AL-KO – how many of our competitors can boast the same level of commitment to their products or to supporting Australian manufacturing?


ALKO Garden

Sensabrake Marine Business Article

AL-KO was pleased to host members of the marine industry magazines on the week of the BIA Melbourne Boat Show, for a factory and production tour – focusing on the Sensabrake production area. Please read the article link for information on the latest on Sensabrake and AL-KO in the Marine Industry.

Marine Business August 2011


AL-KO has launched a YouTube channel and Facebook business page. Lots of news and information on both sites, and product video’s on our sites.

Subscribe and become a friend or fan of AL-KO.



AL-KO has just released three new Caravan and Trailer products that should be a ‘must have’ from September onwards.

1. The AL-KO Off Road Coupling

Your off road towing problems are now a thing of the past thanks to the new AL-KO Off Road Coupling.

Twin small

AL-KO Offroad Coupling

Available in 3 models, a 2 Tonne and 3.5 Tonne Fixed and 2 Tonne Override, all models feature 360degree head articulation, a patented positive towball latching system, self lubricating head pivot bushes and a high impact ABS Poly Carbonate hand grip. Fatigue tested to 2 million cycles, and with all ADR and Australian regulations satisfied, the new AL-KO Off Road Coupling will take you anywhere on your next big adventure.

2. The AL-KO AMS Mammut

The clever caravan manouevring system is now in Australia.

The AL-KO AMS Mammut has the power to move your caravan effortlessly over inclines, kerbs and rough

Usage 1366108

AL-KO Mammut

terrain. Clever beyond other manouevring systems, this light weight unit driven by two separate motor units offer more ground clearance than our competitors, is water resistant and is controlled by one simple hand held, joystick operated remote control unit. AL-KO AMS Mammut can tackle inclines up to 28degree and obstacles 40mm in height. Available in Australia from 2011 onwards, speak with you AL-KO Customer Service representative today to discover the joys of easy to use and easy to park AL-KO AMS Mammut

Click on the ALKO Mammut 4pp Small link to download the brochure

3. The AL-KO Universal Coupling Lock.

The new AL-KO Universal Coupling Lock is an easy to use, safe and secure coupling lock that suits nearly all braked and un-braked couplings on the

Couling Lock

AL-KO Coupling Lock


Made from cast Aluminum, the AL-KO Universal Coupling Lock requires no additional padlock as the locking mechanism is built into the device for added safety. Ensure you towed vehicle can not be removed when it is off your car or truck with the New AL-KO Universal Safety Lock – now available in all good Trailer and Automotive parts outlets.


AL-KO International awarded the prize of ‘Best Innovation Stand’ award at the recent BIA Melbourne Boat Show 2010. Held at the Melbourne Exhibition Buildings, AL-KO was prominent in featuring new product that is very attractive and sought after by boat owners and builders alike. One of the featured highlight displays at the AL-KO stand was the working Sensabrake Trailer Chassis. This display showed the inner working’s of AL-KO’s new LT-1000E Electronic Brake Controller compatible unit. This, along with the new features of the LT-1000 Sensabrake unit were talking points of the show and attracted many attendees to visit the stand and view the extensive marine range of products. Other features of the stand was the working AL-KO IRS (Independent Rubber Suspension) display, the new range of AL-KO Aftermarket Products especially chosen with the marine enthusiast in mind, as well as showcasing the huge range of AL-KO Marine and Vehicle Technology products that AL-KO is renowned for.


ALKO'S Winning Stand At The Melbourne Boat Show


ALKO'S Winning Stand At The Melbourne Boat Show

AL-KO launches Aftermarket Product Range to the retail market

AL-KO International has announced a new initiative to satisfy the growing retail demand for Australia’s number one chassis components product range.

Aftermarket Range

AL-KO Aftermarket Range

With the majority of Caravan’s, Trailers, Boat Trailers, Horse Floats and RV’s in Australia, and a growing number in New Zealand, carrying AL-KO components, it made perfect sense for the owners of these towed vehicles to have the ability to replace their vehicles components if required with the original equipment. This also extended to consumers who were upgrading or refurbishing their towed vehicles and want to replace their non AL-KO equipment with the best on the market.

With a growing number of suppliers of RV accessories in Australia and New Zealand becoming distributors of the AL-KO Aftermarket products, the range of AL-KO Aftermarket products is becoming accessible to anyone who wants to ensure that only the very best chassis components and RV accessories are on their towed vehicles.

As our latest advertising campaign suggests -

There is no price you can place on safety

Safety Layout

AL-KO Aftermarket Catalogue

AL-KO Purchases Sensabrake

AL-KO International Australian Managing Director Mr. Sven Mannfolk, today announced an exciting new venture for AL-KO, with the purchase of Sens-a-BRAKE from New Zealand company Edge International.

AL-KO has been the largest customer of the Sens-a-BRAKE product and the exclusive distributor in Australia. AL-KO will now put its resources into developing the product further and distribute Sens-a-BRAKE world wide.

AL-KO Sensabrake

AL-KO Sensabrake

“This is a very exciting announcement, and we see big opportunities with Sens-a-BRAKE” said AL-KO MD Mr. Sven Mannfolk. Throughout Australia and New Zealand, as well as North America, owners of large boat trailers, horse floats and caravans face a real dilemma as, by law, their rigs must incorporate power assisted brake application. The Sens-a-BRAKE provides the best solution for these towing applications.

Sensabrake purchase

AL-KO Announces First Australian Premium Dealer

AL-KO International is pleased to annouce Powerquip in Hallam Victoria as the first Australian Power Garden outlet to achieve Premium Dealer Status.

The AL-KO Premium Dealer status category offers Power Garden retail outlets the opportunity to range the entire AL-KO Garden Range, including Ride on Tractors, Lawn Mowers, Domestic Water Pumps and other products within this expanding range.

Pictured is Shane Russell from Powerquip Hallam with his Premium Dealer trophy, giving Shane a competitive advantage over other Power Garden retailers within Powerquips geographical area.

Anyone interested in the Premium Dealer program can contact

AL-KO on (03) 9767 3700.

Premium Dealer

AL-KO Premium Dealer Shane Russell from Powerquip Hallam

AL-KO Opens new site in Yatala Queensland

AL-KO International opened the doors to its new Queensland offices in January 2009. Now located in Yatala, the new offices and factory site boasts state of the art design and logistic capacity to further increase the AL-KO’s customer service and distribution levels. Queensland State Manager, Mr. Mike Jovicic has spent many hours, along with senior management of AL-KO, in designing a facility that will be able to cope with the future growth of AL-KO in Queensland over the coming years.

AL-KO’s Queensland offices are now located at -

13 Union Circuit, Yatala, QLD, 4207

Ph: (07) 3386 6300

Fax: (07) 3386 6399

email: info@alko.com.au

QLD Yatala

AL-KO Premises Yatala Queensland

AL-KO Senior Manager wins Prestigious Industry Award

AL-KO International Technical and Manufacturing Manager Mr. Robert Funder was awarded the Eric Hayman CRVA Award for his outstanding contribution to the Caravan and RV industry. The award was presented at the CRVA National Conference in Melbourne in February, and is a fitting recognition of Roberts contributions over the past 35 years within this industry.

Robert has been an industry leader for many years, instrumental in setting up training programs in conjunction with training institutions and facilitators, a leader in technical innovation within the RV industry, a champion for increased safety regulations and requirements and is a mentor and adviser without peer.

AL-KO International would like to congratulate Robert Funder on being the 22nd recipient of this very prestigious award.

RF Hayman

Robert Funder being awarded the CRVA

AL-KO purchases New Zealand offices and factory complex

AL-KO has announced the purchase of the head office and factory facility it had previously been leasing in Auckland.

In a show of commitment to its New Zealand operation and the New Zealand market, AL-KO, one of the worlds largest manufacturers of Caravan, Trailer and RV components, as well as Power Garden equipment has finalized negotiation with the current owners of their facility in Richard Pearse Drive in the Airpark Estate in Auckland, to ensure a long term presence.

AL-KO is no newcomer to the New Zealand market, having established distribution channels for its many products for over 20 year. In 2006 the company took the decision to set up operations in New Zealand under its own name.

We are very pleased to have purchased the property, particularly as it includes vacant land for further expansions. We plan to increase our products and services in New Zealand and this gives us the ideal base for future growth said Mr. Sven Mannfolk, Managing Director of AL-KO Australia and New Zealand.

AL-KO has a strong and dedicated team in New Zealand and recently appointed Mark Lovell as Sales Manager to further strengthen our position. Purchasing this facility allows us to now invest further in R&D for the New Zealand market and we look forward to working closely with our customers.

For more information on the complete range of AL-KO products, please contact

Mark Lovell

Phone: 09 2555611 Fax: 09 21 338701 email: mlovell@alko.com.au

As of February 2007 AL-KO New Zealand has moved into its new factory located at 1 Airpark Drive, Airpark Business Centre, Auckland Int’l Airport.

The new contact details are:

PO Box 201082

Auckland In’tl Airport



The Australian recreational vehicle manufacturing industry continued to expand steadily during 2007, despite the hefty increases in the cost of petrol, according to RVMAA president, Tony Bellamy. Most pleasingly, it looks like last year’s total production figure of around 19,200 units will be bettered during 2008 as manufacturers’ order books are quickly filling up, with a typical waiting period of a few months for new specific caravans. Interest in purchasing new RVs at this year’s RV Shows has been very high.

Production of caravans, camper-trailers, motorhomes and camper-vans has steadily increased over the past decade. The quality and appointments of locally-made RVs continues to improve, with owners realizing they can travel with all of the luxuries of home. Programs such as the 60 Minutes segment on spending the kids inheritance have been instrumental in increasing the attraction of travelling around Australia in a self-contained RV, Tony said. Australian-designed and made RVs are world-class, and provide excellent value-for-money over the range from basic camper-trailers to the most elaborate motor-homes, RVMAA vice-president Gerry Ryan said. Buyers of locally-made RV’s from RVMAA Members can have confidence that they are buying a safe and quality product, and that their new purchase complies with all applicable safety standards, in addition to the RVMAA’s Code of Practice, Gerry added.


AL-KO Water Pumps record sales month in August

AL-KO International’s range of German designed and engineered domestic household water pumps have sold in record numbers, with all models recording over incredible sales growth over the past 3 months.

“We believe that there are a number of factors that have been the bedrock of the AL-KO success” Marketing Manager Mr. Mark Le Grew responded when asked about the success of the water pump range.

“The continual increase in awareness by the general householder of good, water saving initiatives means water tank, and therefore water pump and associated item sales remain strong and the product is therefore in constant demand. This has helped AL-KO launch our water pumps onto the market with such success”

The AL-KO Jet garden transfer water pumps have had an increase of over 275% since they were launched, with our HWA 1001 increasing in sales by 200%, and our water pump accessories range also increasing by 200%.

But, the standout models in the range have certainly been the HW range of domestic household water pumps, increasing in sales by over 400%.

And with AL-KO completing their first month’s worth of Submersible pump sales, they are looking forward to not only maintaining, but increasing this outstanding sales growth over the next 3-4 months.

What other factors have helped achieve these growth results?

“All of our products are very competitively priced and carry a 2 year REPLACEMENT warranty as opposed to alternate manufacturer’s repair warranties, as well as the strong brand presence and reputation that AL-KO has achieved here in Australia over the past 50 years, and in Europe for over 80 years”.

“What we have also found from responses by customers to our product surveys indicate that the versatility of the AL-KO water pumps has been a standout feature” Mr. Le Grew said. “The fact that the AL-KO range covers just about all domestic household and garden water transfer and usage requirements, at an affordable price, means that previously, when someone may have baulked at purchasing a pump, they can now enter the market at a price as low as $99. This opens up a whole new market for retailers and consumers alike”.

For more information on the AL-KO Garden Care range, please contact AL-KO on 1800 035 603 or log onto www.alkogarden.com.au to view the AL-KO range of Power Garden products

AL-KO products are available in all good Hardware, Plumbing and DIY stores, as well as through selected tank manufacturers and nurseries throughout Australia and New Zealand.

AL-KO wins Best Stand Award at the 2007 Melbourne Caravan Show

AL-KO is proud to announce that it won the award for the best stand in the caravan accessories category, at the Victorian Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow, held at the Caulfield racecourse.

This year’s stand was a new design that reflected the new AL-KO corporate image.

New products were on display including the Airtop additional air suspension system for motorhomes, as well as the hydraulic disc brakes which generated a lot of interest. While a number of the traditional displays were there including the IRS Rubber Suspension Axle machine which demonstrates the operation of this very popular product.

“The AL-KO stand has always been a place where you can visit and learn more about the products that are underneath your caravan or camper trailer. They may not be the most glamorous of products, but they certainly are very important in ensuring that you have an enjoyable camping trip.”said Simon Healey, Marketing Services Manager for AL-KO International.

AL-KO will be at next year’s Victorian Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow. We look forward to seeing you there and introducing some new and exciting products to the Caravan, Camper Trailer and Motorhome industry.

Caravan Show

ALKO's Winning Stand At The Melbourne Carravan Show

Caravan Show

ALKO's Winning Stand At The Melbourne Carravan Show

AL-KO announces arrival of new Airtop Suspension for Motorhomes

On display at the Victorian Caravan and Camping Show for the first time, will be the AL-KO Airtop Suspension system.

AL-KO’s new Airtop’ product provides additional air suspension for motorhomes. For the discerning motorhome owner, the Airtop will offer a lot more driving comfort and safety as it provides greater spring stiffness as well as improved body roll stability.

The clever design of the AL-KO Airtop ensures that it is easy to use. Manual level control is set via an external air supply at a service station or a home compressor, while the left or right air bags can have their air pressure adjusted independently.

With the AL-KO Airtop fitted, ground clearance and rear slope angles can be adjusted. This can come in handy when driving your motorhome into tight fitting carports or onto a barge at a river crossing.

All this additional driving comfort comes with the benefit of being virtually maintenance free.

The AL-KO Airtop is available for Fiat, Ford and Peugot vehicles.

You can see the AL-KO Airtop on display on stand number 33 located in the grandstand at the Victorian Caravan and Camping Show.

AL-KO Airtop?

AL-KO Air Top Suspension

New brake actuator fastest ever

Four years on from the successful release of the Sens-a-Brake trailer braking system in Australia, manufacturer Edge International Ltd has announced the release of the company’s newest and fastest ever brake actuator.

Sens-a-Brake’s new MKV LT-1000 utilizes the same air-over-hydraulic principal as earlier models, but with the addition of modern high-speed valve technology and enhanced software control, the actuators are now achieving full operating pressure in less than 0.29 seconds, almost halving the reaction time of the earlier model.


Sensabrake LT-1000

A high performance trailer braking actuator for heavier light trailers, the LT-1000’s design permits this product to provide full hydraulic trailer braking pressure in a split second.

The LT-1000 requires no additional break-away controller of power supply, instead it utilizes a fully integrated break-away design that minimizes installation time and cost, while also eliminating any on-going maintenance. Simple 4 wire electrical installation uses the trailers 12 pin flat plug (Australasia), and just four bolts and one hydraulic line are required to complete the installation.

Sens-a-Brake’s LT-1000 is designed to be operated with the Sens-a-BRAKE EVO electronic trailer brake controller which uses real time driver dynamics to create safe braking solutions. In addition to driving the LT-1000 actuator the controller is also designed to automatically recognize electric brake systems and will re-configure itself to become an electric brake controller.

The LT-1000 is suitable for both new trailer and retrofit installations and is supplied in an easy-to-install format with comprehensive operation and installation instructions.

For more information, visit the Sensabrake page on our website