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The AL-KO AKS 3004 Stabiliser Coupling sets new standards in towing safety.

The AKS 3004 is easy to operate. First couple the trailer, a unique visual indicator
shows you when the coupling is engaged, lower the stabiliser handle, and spring
loaded friction pads press firmly against the towball. Their high damping force reducesAKS 3004
even small snaking movements – immediately and automatically in both horizontal and vertical directions.
For ease of manoeuvring, lift the stabiliser handle and the stabiliser will disengage, leaving the trailer coupled, with the towball able to move freely.
Simple in concept and easy to use, its compact design, simple assembly and robust construction make the AKS 3004 the perfect stabiliser. And like all AL-KO units, they are fully protected to ensure a long rust free life.
The strict Quality Control and Quality Assurance procedures at our factories in Europe
ensure that your AL-KO AKS 3004 Stabiliser Coupling is manufactured and assembled
to the highest standards.

• Easy to operate
• High dampening power provided by 4 inbuilt friction pads
• Compact designgetimageCAIQ7UC1
• Reduces even small snaking movements in both horizontal and vertical directions
• Can be used with friction pads disengaged
• Simple to fit
• Visual safety indicator
• Suitable for electric brakes
• Maximum capacity 2500 kg Loaded Trailer Weight
• Maximum towball weight: 250kg
• Special anti-rotation AL-KO towball and towbar adapter included

The following components are supplied in the AKS3004 coupling kit sold with the total coupling package. Separate 50mm AKS towballs and retention plates are also available.
Part No. 618304: AKS3004 Stabiliser Coupling Kit
Part No. 618904: 50mm AKS Towball
Part No. 618100: AKS Towball Retention Plate
Part No. 618200: AKS Towball Retention Plate for use with popular weight distribution hitches
Part No. 618901 50mm AKS HiRise
Towball (suitable for most European caravans)
The appropriate spare parts should be fitted to your tow vehicle if you have purchased a new or second hand caravan that has an AKS stabiliser coupling and you have not been supplied the special AKS 50mm towball and retention plate.
** NOTE: In New Zealand 1&7/8″ towballs are often used. These are not suitable for use with ALKO AKS style couplings.

AKS3004 Service Manual

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AL-KO AKS 3004 Instructions