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Spare Parts

AL-KO can supply a large range of spare parts for our range of jockey wheels and stands.

Spare Parts

Part No. Code No. Description
629900 C Clamp
629950 CEL Clamp extra length handle
629920 SBLP Swivel bracket with locking pin
629964 SPW Swivel plate (weld on)
629965 SPWHD Swivel plate heavy duty (weld on)
629100 JRTH Jockey wheel traction handle to
622802 JRAB800 Bracket AL-KO 800 kg jockey wheel
622805 JRAW800 Jockey wheel tyre only 800 kg AL-
622405 JRAW400 Jockey wheel tyre only 400 kg AL-
629600 W6 Wheel 6″
629800 W8 Wheel 8″
629888 W200S Wheel 200 steel rim
629300 W350P Pneumatic wheel 350-4 (4 ply) +
629601 JRH6 Jockey wheel handle (to suit JW6
629701 JRH8HD Jockey wheel handle (to suit JWHD)
629951 JRCH Jockey wheel clamp handle (to
629602 JRTB Thrust bearing (to suit JW6)
629205 JRLPSL Locking pin (to suit SBLP)
629505 JRLPSLHD Locking pin (to suit SBHDL)
629206 JRSSL Spring (to suit locking pin
629506 JRSSH Spring (to suit locking pin heavy
629607 JRAB6 Axle bolt (to suit JW6) with Nyloc
629807 JRAB8 Axle bolt (to suit JW8) with Nyloc
629307 JRA350P Axle (to suit JW350P) incl.

AL-KO provides the following U bolt kits for fixing our range of swivel locking pin jockey wheels to standard drawbar sizes:

626260 U Bolt kit (skinpack) to suit jockey wheels ? suit drawbar 100 x 50
626262 U Bolt kit (skinpack) to suit jockey wheels ? suit drawbar 75 x 50