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When AL-KO International announced in 2009 that it has purchased Sensbrake from New Zealand company Edge International, we set about ensuring that this Electronic Air/Hydraulic (Brake Actuation) System, EAS for short, was the best of it’s kind on the market, and delivered features that the owners of large and heavy trailers would require.

The Dilemma and the Solution

By Law, all trailers with a loaded weight exceeding 2 tones (2.5 tones in New Zealand) must incorporate power assisted brake application.

Until recently, the most common solution to incorporating power braking to trailers with Hydraulic brakes was to fit vacuum or compressed air systems to the tow vehicle. Not only is this an expensive solution but it may also result in the warranty of your tow vehicle being voided.

With the AL-KO Sensabrake Electronic Air/Hydraulic System, hydraulic disc brakes are now not only legal for towed vehicles and trailers over 2 tonnes (2.5 tonnes in New Zealand) but also perform exceptionally well.

AL-KO Sensabrake in Action

Premium Performance

The new AL-KO Sensabrake Air/Hydraulic braking system product range, now features industry leading quality and performance standards that AL-KO, in Australia and internationally is renowned for.

The Sensabrake has been re-engineered to handle the most demanding trailer braking requirements and it’s unique operation features ensure the highest product performance and reliability.

AL-KO International is pleased to announce that it has completed over 420,000 cycles in a life test of the Sensabrake system without it missing a beat said Tim James, Brake Actuation Systems Supervisor.
This level of testing simulates the equivalent of setting off on about 84 average trips per year over 10 years, without Sensabrake experiencing any problems he said.

Sensabrake is made up of a trailer mounted actuator and an in-car kit which uses a unique pedal mounted pressure pad to provide proportional trailer braking.

The Sensabrake actuator utilises stored energy (compressed air) and immediate braking is available as soon as the driver applies pressure to the brake pedal.

This is a unique feature as other electro-hydraulic systems are activated by pumping the brake to build up pressure causing significant delay in braking in an emergency stopping situation.

Independent tests show that Sensabrake outperforms other powered and hydraulic surge (override) brake systems. Using a car and boat at 80 km/h, AL-KO Sensabrake achieved a stopping distance of 28 metres. This is compared to an alternative Electric over hydraulic system that achieved a stopping distance of 45 metres.*

Added Features

Sensabrake also incorporates breakaway technology into the unit, which automatically activates the trailer brakes in the event of it becoming separated from the tow vehicle. This is another requirement of the ADR, however other systems on the market require you to purchase additional componentry such as a separate breakaway switching system and often an additional battery source, making them much more difficult to install.


The AL-KO Sensabrake is very easy to install either for both new and existing trailers. All electronic components are “plug and play” and with the addition of an EVO Controller, the unit incorporates full self-diagnostic electronics.

For further information on AL-KO Sensabrake or to find an Authorized AL-KO Sensabrake EAS Sales, Service, Repair or Installation outlet, contact AL-KO on 1800 035 603 or contact us “Here

AL-KO Sensabrake Models

LT-1000 – EVO

SAB EVO all new

The AL-KO Sensabrake™ EAS LT-1000 – EVO features an electronic control unit continually monitoring the state of the system to ensure safe operation. The early detection of potential faults, such as, lack of air pressure, air leakage, inadequate power feed, excessive duty cycle, or trailer disconnection are all continually monitored with the driver informed of any such fault through the Sensabrake™ EAS mouse.

LT-1000E – Existing Electronic Brake Controller Compatible Model

SAB BC all new

The AL-KO Sensabrake™ EAS LT-1000E – is designed to be fully integrated with your existing Electronic Brake Controller. This model features a breakaway via the electric plug, and will work with any AL-KO approved ‘motion sensing’ electronic brake controller. The LT-1000E is the perfect solution for towed vehicles already fitted with an AL-KO Approved Motion Sensing Electric Brake Controller.

The AL-KO Sensabrake costs only a fraction of the traditional vacuum brake systems and will give all leisure or work equipment owners piece of mind when towing, for the safety of themselves, their family and other road users.  Whilst it is a legal requirement to have the right braking system, surely to be able to tow your pride and joy with complete safety is all the more justification for AL-KO Sensabrake EAS – at last the trailer braking solution that everyone has been waiting for.

For further information on AL-KO Sensabrake or to find an Authorized AL-KO Sensabrake EAS Sales, Service, Repair or Installation outlet, contact AL-KO on 1800 035 603 or contact us “Here

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