Introducing a revolutionary breakthrough in caravan towing safety – Electronic Stability Control (ESC)* from AL-KO, the world leaders in caravan axles, brakes and components manufacture.

Without AL-KO ESC, your towed vehicle is not as safe as it could be. For more Information visit

AL-KO ESC is a vital safety feature designed to give you the best possible response in an emergency avoidance manoeuver situation such as having to swerve suddenly to avoid a car or animal on the road ahead. It does more than just reduce sway. Unlike anything else it is a serious technology for critical towing situations.

AL-KO ESC gives you the confidence that allows you to drive knowing that you have unparalleled levels of safety during your journey, a more stable and balanced drive and assured manoeuverability in a range of driving conditions. And this is all backed up by the latest industry technology.

It may sound dramatic, but it’s no understatement to say that AL-KO ESC could save your life – even if it’s only called upon once in your ownership of a caravan.

Without AL-KO ESC, your towed vehicle is not as safe as it could be.

AL-KO ESC, a sophisticated brake actuation system that is cost effective, reliable and will revolutionise the Australian caravan and towed vehicle industry.

To request a free quote on the installation of AL-KO ESC or to learn more about this revolutionary breakthrough in caravan safety, visit

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