Only AL-KO iQ7 stores compressed air within a pressure chamber, allowing immediate brake application the instant it is required.

AL-KO iQ7 is the latest in power assisted braking

The AL-KO iQ7 is the latest in air over hydraulic power assisted trailer braking, designed to significantly improve stopping performance and safety for trailers with hydraulic brakes, especially large boat trailers.

It allows immediate brake application the instant it is required.
AL-KO iQ7 also includes inbuilt breakaway technology to stop your trailer if it becomes detached from the tow vehicle. No other parts are required.

In addition to this, AL-KO iQ7 enables you to meet the legal requirement that all trailers with a loaded weight exceeding two tonnes (2.5 tonnes in New Zealand) must incorporate power assisted brake application.

Until recently the most popular solution was to fit a vacuum or compressed air system to the tow vehicle, but not only is this very expensive it often also means that the warranty of the tow vehicle is voided.

The bottom line is you’ll enjoy superior safety and peace of mind while knowing AL-KO iQ7 has been designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions, backed by AL-KO’s global expertise in towing safety.

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Maximum hydraulic pressure is 6.9 mpa (1000psi) and fluid displacement of 21cc. Check that the pressure available is adequate for the brakes being used and the number of brakes does not exceed the available fluid displacement. For up to date braking requirements, please refer to Vehicle Standards Bulletin 1.

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