AL-KO Launches Aftermarket Product Range To The Retail Market

AL-KO International has announced a new initiative to satisfy the growing retail demand for Australia’s number one chassis components product range. With the majority of Caravan’s, Trailers, Boat Trailers, Horse Floats and RV’s in Australia, and a growing number in New Zealand, carrying AL-KO components, it made perfect sense for the owners of these towed vehicles to have the ability to replace their vehicles components if required with the original equipment.

Parts overhead
With a growing number of suppliers of RV accessories in Australia and New Zealand becoming distributors of the AL-KO Aftermarket products, the range of AL-KO Aftermarket products is becoming accessible to anyone who wants to ensure that only the very best chassis components and RV accessories are on their towed vehicles.

To learn more about AL-KO’s range of Authentic aftermarket products, visit . Kidsperssuchrara .

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