AL-KO launches significant new safety technology for large boat trailers

AL-KO, the market leader in trailer, caravan & motor home components in Australia and New Zealand including axles, brakes and suspension products has announced the release of its new AL-KO iQ7 technology – a next generation braking system for trailers with hydraulic brakes especially applicable for large boat trailers.


AL-KO has identified a need to significantly improve towing safety in Australia, and with the release of the iQ7 has created the highest performing electronic air/hydraulic (Brake Actuation) system on the market, delivering unparalleled response times and advanced safety features.

“If you need to brake suddenly when towing a two tonne boat, stopping distance is of vital concern and just a few metres can be the difference between you losing control or negotiating the situation safely” said Rob Funder, Technical & Manufacturing Manager AL-KO International.

It is in this emergency braking situation that the AL-KO iQ7 is a potentially life-saving technology. In tests completed using a car and 2.2 tonne boat at 80 km/h, AL-KO iQ7 achieves a stopping distance of 18 metres, this compared to 35 metres without the assistance of iQ7*.

AL-KO has taken the difficult Australian towing conditions into account at every stage of building the product to achieve this significant improvement in braking performance.
“iQ7 is the only system of this type on the market that is specifically designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions” said Mr Funder

“It’s worth investing in the best technology available when you are talking about safety.”

AL-KO iQ7 achieves its superior stopping performance through the use of its patented design incorporating a compressed air pressure chamber that is ready to apply instant pressure to the brake system – unlike other products that need to wait for a pump starting up to supply pressure after the brakes are applied.

It also utilises the latest technology to achieve maximum reliability.
“We have completely re-built the brake actuator technology from the ground up including the latest in circuit board technology to ensure we have the most reliable product that exists today” said Mr Funder “Our testing has been so extensive that we have simulated over 10 years heavy use without the product experiencing any problems at all, and we are backing this up with a market leading 3 year warranty”

AL-KO iQ7 can be installed to existing as well as new trailers and all internal car mounted electronic components are “plug and play” for ease of installation.
The AL-KO iQ7 product range includes an entry level version that can be used with your existing brake controller to provide cost saving benefits, or an advanced ‘XTREME’ version, complete with specialised in-car kit that incorporates full self-diagnostic electronics including detection of lack of air pressure, air leakage, inadequate power feed, excessive duty cycle, or trailer disconnection, with audible and visual information provided to the driver.


The AL-KO iQ7 was launched this week at an industry event at Sandown Raceway, Melbourne. Production of the iQ7 range is planned to commence in mid-late June.

For further information, and to see a video of iQ7 in action, visit:

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