AL-KO Lockable Couplings

Introducing AL-KO Lockable Couplings.

For Added Protection.

Caravan and Trailers are a desirable yet costly investment. Protection has not only become a way of the times, it is a part of your insurance requirements. AL-KO have incorporated locking technology into the body of the coupling, ensuring you never forget or lose a vital part of your protection leaving you vulnerable.

AL-KO is proud to introduce our innovative new range of premium lockable couplings – designed to ensure your valuable investment is secure, and eliminating the need for a separate coupling lock. The addition of the new AL-KO XL Grip also enhances comfort and ease of use.

Available in a range of configurations, contact your local AL-KO Representative to order.


Features & Benefits



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750kg Fixed

2T Over Ride

3.5T Fixed

Product Code




Capacity (ATM*)




Recommended Application

Light trailer, Light campers, Jet ski trailer. (6×4, 7×4* *)

Medium trailers, Medium Campers, Boat trailer. (8×5 Tradie* *)

Caravans & Large trailers. (10×6, Car Trailer, Heavy Haulage)

Suits Braking System

Non braked

Over run Hydraulic & Over run Mechanical

Electric & Power assisted

Mounting Pattern (hole centres)

2 bolt – 102mm

3 bolt – 111m x 51mm

4 bolt – 184mm x 54mm

4 bolt – 182.5mm x 55mm

Bolt Hole Size




Recommended Bolt Size




Recommended Bolt Grade

Grade A4-80

Grade A4-80

Grade A4-80

Supporting Products

3/4″ Hydraulic conversion plate 610943

7/8″ Hydraulic converse plate 610944

Mechanical conversion plate 614053


*ATM = Aggregate Trailer Mass. **6×4, 7×4, 8×5 & 10×6 referrers to typical box trailer body construction sizes

Note: For Imperial bolt sizes or socket head cap screws must be equivalent or higher strength than those listed above. Please check with your bolt supplier for availability and suitability.

Coupling Mounting tightening torques of all fasteners 00Nm. 

Due to the often harsh vibrations sustained at axle mounts, AL-KO recommends the use of anti-loose or nyloc nuts.

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