Company Values

Income and growth are necessary to secure our position in the future.

With income we can invest in new markets and products. Without employees, we have no income, so we safeguard jobs and maintain our position in the international market.

We want customers of AL-KO to be thrilled with our service.

We listen to our customers in order to not only meet their requirements but exceed them.
Every solution must work for our clients to make a relationship with AL-KO worthwhile.

We strive to be the best.

In our markets, we aim to maintain our position as the market leader.

Management always leads by example.

Through their behaviour, managers set standards and as an employees behaviour typically mirrors that of their manager, managers have a special responsibility for the conduct of their employees.

We provide a creative work environment for new ideas and continuous improvements.

New ideas are created through the will to succeed, a willingness to change, through need, openness and trust in other. New ideas are not only welcomed, but encouraged.

Together we are strong.

If everyone plays their role, working together as a team, we can not only achieve, but exceed our goals.

We look forward with enthusiasm.

The future offers great opportunities for AL-KO. With joy and enthusiasm we look forward to what is over the horizon.

We keep each other informed.

Only when fully informed can one make an informed decision. We aim for an open exchange of information at all times throughout all levels of the company.

We agree on goals and take personal responsibility for achieving them.

Working towards achievable goals brings freedom and independence!

We fulfil our brand promise.

Quality means that we provide our customers with our overall business performance comfort, safety and enjoyment.
In return, we seek a lifelong partnership with our customers.

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