AL-KO IRS Axles Overview


The state of the art AL-KO Independent Rubber Suspension (IRS) Axle represents the benchmark in fully independent trailer suspension featuring AL-KO’s unique hexagonal rubber suspension system. The IRS axle is manufactured to exact engineering standards and is fully tested using the most sophisticated alignment technology.

– Range of capacities
– Zinc plated or galvanised
– Bolt-on or u-bolt fixing
– To suit most wheel types
– To suit common brake types (AL-KO is also able to custom build axles. Please note that the lead time on these options will be longer than our standard 5 days.)
– Available braked or unbraked
– Multitude of brake options
– Special stub axle lengths
– Special shock absorber mountings
– Up to 3 ride heights

Please contact your nearest AL-KO sales office for a specification sheet to assist you with your axle requirements.

AL-KO IRS Axle Overview


With over 15 million produced around the world for caravans and trailers, the AL-KO I.R.S. axle system is now the benchmark for fully independent trailer suspension. The trend to independent suspension first revolutionised the passenger car, then four wheel drives
and is now the choice for trailers too.

The AL-KO I.R.S. axle has been proven in tough Australian conditions – from dirt tracks to fast freeways, from mountain tracks to desert highways. The demands of marine trailer towing – with the additional affect of salt water are also met with the AL-KO I.R.S. system.

Conventional suspension componentry can suffer on Australian roads leading to instability and dangerous snaking under heavy loads. AL-KO’s remarkable I.R.S. system – rigorously tested in Australian conditions, makes towing instability a thing of the past.

How Does It Work?

The AL-KO IRS axle uses simple and effective engineering to provide a smooth, stable and safe towing experience. Unique to the AL-KO IRS axle is the hexagonal outer axle tube, which houses three rubber elements held in place by a triple-fluted inner tube axle. Road shocks are dampened through compression of these rubber elements via suspension movement between full bump and rebound.
The unique self-dampening characteristics of the rubber element slow down the suspension rebound (as shown in Figure 1), which ensures a smooth ride over all types of road surfaces.

Image_015figure 1

At AL-KO, quality is important and, as such, each individual IRS axle is manufactured to exact engineering standards. AL-KO also uses the most advanced technology to test each axle for toe-in and camber, as well as load rated deflection.

A special feature of the AL-KO IRS axle system is its mounting flexibility. The standard axle can be bolted to a bracket that is fixed on to the chassis. In marine configuration, it can be u-bolted onto the chassis rails to allow repositioning along the chassis. This provides optimum tow-ball weight under situations where the load centre is varied.
AL-KO’s Independent Rubber Suspension axle system is extensively used in a range of applications, from off-road to marine and heavy-duty

This enables caravans and trailers of all styles to handle Australia’s rough terrain and varying conditions better than ever before. Its strength and versatility ensure that this axle is perfect for use in Australia.

Features & Benefits

Some of the features and benefits of the AL-KO I.R.S. are listed below:
– Made in Australia for Australian conditions
– Does not suffer from instability or axle steer in operation
– Optional shock absorbers to provide better control, increased safety and reduced suspension rebound
– Available in half, single, tandem and tri-axle
– Backed by an International company
– Each axle is tested for optimum performance
– Lower ride height for marine lowering and retrieval
– Fewer moving parts means less maintenance required
– Galvanised axles available for marine applications
– Withstands 3 times its rating in shock load
– Easy to fit

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