Overlay Assembled Axles

Overlay Assembled


Axle size (D)(MM) Axle beam profile Axle carrying capacity (KG) Machining Profile/ Bearings fitted Length(L) Max PERMISSABLE wheel diameter
40mm 39mm round 1000kg LM Profile Axles can be manufactured to your required length (to nearest 5mm increment) 14”
45mm 45mm round 1450 kg LM Profile 16”
45mm 45mm round 1200 kg Slimline 14”
50mm 56mm round 2000 kg 2.0 tonne 16”

Large capacities available upon request.

All axles are standard raw black material. Hot dipped galvanised or zinc plated available on request other combinations of capacity, length and drop height can be made to order.

On some applications the combination of chassis clearance (w) and stub axle length required for the wheel/tyre combination may exceed the maximum width registerable (2500mm).

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