Total Trailer Systems

For trailers with an Aggregate Trailer Mass above 4.5 tonne it is necessary that some of the components used must be approved by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development and comply with appropriate Australian Design Rules (ADR’s).
To meet this specific need AL-KO INTERNATIONAL can provide a total trailer system.
These Total Trailer Systems comply with the appropriate design rules and approval numbers can be provided for trailer certification.
The Total Trailer System comprises Axles with brakes fitted, Suspension systems and Brake Control Systems.
A large range of systems are available and information should be sought on your particular requirement from your nearest AL-KO branch.
Listed is some of the range available.

Single Axle


Part No Description
118003 3 tonne suit Bedford Wheels (TM1 T030ANV)
118004 4 tonne suit Bedford Wheels (TM1 T040ANV)
118005 5 tonne suit Bedford Wheels (TM1 T050ANV)

Tandem Axle


Part No Description
118045 4.5 tonne suit Landcruiser Wheels (TM2 T045BNG)
118050 5.5 tonne suit Landcruiser Wheels (TM2 T055BNG)
118060 6 tonne suit Landcruiser Wheels (TM2 T060BNG)
118080 8 tonne suit Bedford Wheels (TM2 T080ANV)
118100 10 tonne suit Bedford Wheels (TM2 T100ANV)
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