Premium Jockey Wheels

Premium Jockey Wheels With Locking Pin Swivel Bracket

premium jockey wheels

Ease of use is the benefit when selecting an AL-KO Swivel Bracket Jockey Wheel. No need to remove it from the trailer – just pull the release handle and the jockey wheel rotates into a suitable traveling position. This unique design is covered by Registered Design in Australia and New Zealand. The swivel bracket can be either welded or bolted to the drawbar. A selection of mounting holes allows the use of u-bolts to attach the jockey wheel to the trailer drawbar. Ideal for marine use.


Premium Jockey Wheels With Weld On Swivel Bracket

Part No Code No Description Weight (KG) Surface Finish Static Capacity (KG) Outertube diam. D (MM) H (MM) H1 H2
627400 JW200HDSPW J/Wheel 200mm (8″) Heavy duty with swivel plate (weld on – supplied loose) 12.2 Zinc Plated 400 60mm 200 700 950
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