Spring & Spring Sets

AL -KO provides a large range of leaf springs for use on trailers and caravans under all types of conditions and loads.

AL -KO staff will assist you with the appropriate selection of the spring system best suited to your needs and the load you expect to carry.

Most AL -KO springs are given a load rating at a deflection of 50mm.

To make selection of your spring set easy and to ensure you receive exactly what you need, the selection of the combination of parts to
provide you with a complete spring set is made up of three parts.

  1. Select the spring type and size best suited for your application. Note the spring capacities shown are for two springs.
  2. Select the ”hanger kit” that suits the springs, where these are not included.
  3. Select the ”u-bolt kit” that matches the spring and axle configuration.

These three part numbers will ensure you are provided with the most appropriate combination to suit your needs. AL -KO staff will assist,
when requested, with any selection criteria.

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